Halo and call of duty are 2 shooting games with many fans. Many gamers argue which game is better.Call of duty's fan gains been incredible since Call of duty 4. But is it enough fan's to prove the game is better then halo. Halo's always had many fans and is one of the greatest massive multiplayer games. The series realy took off at halo two much earlier then c.o.d. but many gamers argue halo's not realistic enough because theres aliens full body armour and unrealistic vehichles others say halo takes more skill and all that makes the game more fun .There both great game series. I personally think the 2 best 3rd person shooting games.But one must be crowned winner. BLOG   BELOW please comment  Go to team halo or call of duty To post on facebook

Halo 4 vs C.o.d MW3
Which one are you gonna buy Halo 4 or MW3

Halo vs Call of duty
Completely opinion wise just state which game you like better and why.Which is more fun. Which has better graphics. Which has a better story mode.Which is more addicting... ect. Just ultimately say which game is overall better. If undecided pick a team

Halo VS Call of duty

Call of duty0%

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